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Zanzibar Palace Hotel is located in the old center of Stone Town in Kiponda Street at house number 831.

Opposite to Mercury restaurant you find a large parking lot at the big tree – From the exit of the ferry terminal turn right for 50 meters.

When you go straight inwards over the parking lot and after 100 meters you will find the hotel in the block behind the Ministry of Communications.

The Hotel is independently owned and daily managed by a Dutch couple, guaranteeing personalized service of the highest level.

Zanzibar Palace Hotel is an ideal base from which to explore and experience all the beauties of this magical town and Island.


Zanzibar Palace Hotel has 9 rooms in each Zanzibari’s rich history is integrated by Arabian, Indian and English designs.

Each room features its own unique décor, with many local originating antique pieces of furniture.

The relaxing and charming atmosphere makes for a perfect place to unwind, either in the public areas or in the privacy of your room and daydream about the life of the Sultans.


As a boutique hotel they focus on personal attention and pampering their guests. Therefore the guests can experience real top class food and service in our own hotel restaurant.

The main courses vary from Tuna, Kingfish, Jumbo Prawns, to the famous 1kg up to 2 kg Char grilled Lobster. Also they serve meat dishes of beef and pork. Vegetarians will find their dinner with them too.

They too serve fine starters and desserts, a good example istheir Carpaccio of Springbok as starter.

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