Zanzibar offers some of Africa’s best deep sea fishing grounds.
This is where you Swim with dolphins and observe them in their habitat making a great day out and an unforgettable experience .
Zanzibar's first and only National Park is centred on Jozani Forest, the largest area of mature forest found within Zanzibar.
Kayaking is travelling across water in a small boat under your own steam using a paddle. It is a great way to get out and explore the sea
With the most glorious clear water, Zanzibar is a good destination for Kite Surfing.
Zanzibar offers many Museums including the House of Wonders, Sultan Palace and Anthropological Museum.
This is a dhow trip to discover the beautiful marine.
Sailing is a sport that requires the changing of the rigging and rudder on a boat to change the direction and speed of the boat.
Zanzibar is well known to have some of the best Snorkeling and diving in the World. The coral is in good condition.
Zanzibar is the Island of species. A visit to a plantation is certainly very interesting for the wide variety of species and fruits grown.
Stone Town is the old city and cultural heart of Zanzibar.Walking around the busy streets you will get to see many unique buildings and discover the story behind every building.